After years of study and experiments, it is with great emotion that we announce the opening of our online Academy, a virtual space where to access our training courses. Before we started, we wanted to be sure of the actual possibility of learning our protocols in remote, while keeping intact our attention to quality and standards. The moment has finally arrived.

With great surprise, over time we realized that there are many things that can fit into this virtual space, if we are willing to explore different ways to achieve the same educational goals.

The tough challenge that we are just beginning to face, is to be able to generate meaningful conversations within this space, in order to help the community and individuals to grow and develop their talent. The Academy is simple and intuitive; the courses have been structured trying to keep the same logical structure, despite the different content. We started with equalization courses, for they are specific to our offer, and those we have experienced and practiced more thoroughly. We named them ‘Start’, ‘Deep’ and ‘Fly’, and they are three sequential training courses as each responds to a specific need or desire. They can be undertaken individually or become part of a single course:

Moving Limits Start course

Start: equalization, from Valsalva to Frenzel, is dedicated to anyone who finds equalizing difficult, or simply feels the need to refine the technique in order to enjoy every dive safely.

Moving Limits Deep course


Deep: the Frenzel-Fattah technique, or the ‘mouthfill’, was designed for those who love depth.


Moving Limits Fly courseFly: the Handsfree technique is dedicated to those who seek maximum comfort and safety in every dive.

To this day, there are hundreds of people who have learned to equalize without taking their hands to the nose with the Moving Limits protocol. The Academy, after all, also comes from the desire to give everyone the opportunity to experience the wonderful feelings of freedom that this technique gives...

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