Each year companies put on the market new types of freediving fins. The range of innovative features products posing, more or less significant, has become increasingly large. Reading the specifications of their technical files, it seems that the described product could be the best one ever made.

How can freedivers or spearfishers choose their own fins?

The most frequently asked questions are:

  1. What are the perfect fins? 
  2. Does the fin stroke have to be wide and powerful or less wide but frequent?
  3. Soft, medium or hard blade?
  4. Does an economic speed always correspond to an economic fin stroke? 

These questions do not have a definite answer apply to everyone: each freediver and each spearfisher has different physical characteristics (morphology), athletic preparation (muscular strength), aerobic capacity and ability (resistance), different types of finning (technique). All these variables together are decisive factors in choosing the fins, so the key point in deciding is the mix of all the individual characteristics of each freediver. In our view, it is not the diver that has to learn how to use the fins, but are the fins that have to go with the natural characteristics of the diver.

The ultimate fins don’t exist, the only one exist is the best one for each of us.

Well...it's all very clear, but how do I find these fins?

In order to give everybody the chance to answer this question, we have built a tool, which everyone will be able to build, we named it, CUSTOM POWER FINS.

How does it work?

It’s simple, the CPF helps to compare the power output

with the fatigue or lightness you feel using all the fins you would like to test.

With this tool you can test:

  • The power output coming from your finning technique
  • The power output coming from your finning technique with different types of fins
  • the different power outputs you get with different types of fins
  • the different sensation you feel with different type of fins

From the matching of those outcomes you will be able to identify your perfect fins!

There was a time when the one who used soft fins were viewed with deep suspicion by many freedivers.

With CUSTOM POWER FINS you’ll find out that there are soft fins which allow the diver to achieve significant outputs with minimum effort.

Click here to discover how to build it.

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Federico Mana

Fondatore e presidente di Moving Limits. Apneista professionista che vive di mare dal 2003 è detentore di otto record italiani nelle discipline di apnea profonda. Primo italiano ad aver raggiunto la profondità di 100 metri in apnea in asseto costante, rappresenta un punto di riferimento nel mondo apneistico perché considerato trai i massimi esperti di tecniche di compensazione e respirazione.

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