Every day we strive to make Moving Limits the ideal place to share and compare the experiences of all individuals who have undertaken or want to undertake a growth path of self realization or simply are driven by curiosity to explore new realities with open mind and heart.


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Passion is manifested when there is a strong enthusiasm in doing something, it is from this basis that the desire for sharing arises. When you can share your passion, everything is more exiting.

Our fundamentals:

  • 1
    Belonging: is the feeling of identification with a group or a well defined place. It results in the creation of solid relationships that spread positive attitudes of growth and sharing.
  • 2
    Sharing: quality through which each individual can evolve, learn, give new meanings to experiences. Only by sharing one can achieve the balance of the group to have fun.
  • 3
    Fun: it is the result of creating a joyful and friendly environment. Essential ingredient at the base of all our activities, even the most challenging.

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