22 Mar
13 Apr
spearfishing man

The spearfishing man, you know, is a natural born liar. But when we talk about topic as serious as safety, this naturally inclination to exaggerate must give way to a honest and conscious approach, it’s a matter of good time and sometimes, alas, of health… as unfortunately happened to Federico “It happened to me this time

We built a survey, that we leave on line on our webpage for three weeks. With the results we will collect, on an anonymous basis, we will take a picture and examine the spearfishing man behavior, in a open round table, which everyone is invite to attend, with the invaluable participation of Fabrizio D'agnano and Giacomo De Mola, with the aim of undertaking a path made of tangible actions in order to preserve and make safer our passion and enjoy spearfishing to the fullest!

Start the survey and contribute to take the selfie! 

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