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Founder and president of Moving Limits

I wanted to become a professional basketball player, but my ankles are fragile, and also my feet were kind of unsure, so I had to say goodbye to my dreams of professionalism. I was studying optometry then. But I was young, I was twenty-five years old, and I became a trainer. It is a beautiful job that I will never stop doing. I love learning new things, experimenting them and teaching them to others. I am a disciple of methods, and I create protocols. I like protocols because they break down the complexity and go straight to the point. I also love the discipline of protocols, because, coupled with my natural talent, it has helped me to reach unimaginable goals...

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Moving Limits is our way of providing a communal answer with a question that is actually very individual: ’Why do I like freediving so much?’

When we try to answer this simple question, everyone in their own shoes, instructors, recordmen, fishermen, yogis, sealovers, we fumble among famous quotes, metaphors, and ancestral calls - almost in the style of the Avatar movie -to primitive relationships with water and to deep connections with the environment.
Every time we bump into such inability to assign a language to this passion that moves us so urgently, we feel that in the answer there is a journey, an experience, a voyage that each one of us carries out with their own resources and talents.
We call this voyage, which is as unique as the traveler who undertakes it, Moving Limits. Movement is the need to change, increase one's potential, one’s self-fulfilment, and the limits are our fear and our desire to explore new places with an open mind and heart.