19 Jul
18 Aug
Allena l'apnea Profonda

We' re back to the appointment in Finale Ligure (SV) with the

CUSTOM Training with Federico Mana (from 19 to 31 July and from 5 to 18 August)

event that was born with a single objective: customize the water session on your needs by making the most of every moment you will spend at sea under the direct supervision of Federico.
The groups will be composed of up to 3 students. We realized with years of experience that 3 is the balance point between number of dives, time management of feedbacks and recovery time of trainers and participants.

Requirements for participation: 

- level I certification (all agencies);

- medical certificate for non-competitive sports activities;

- Active membership to Moving Limits for running the year.

Program & booking! 



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