The best way to grow is by facing critically and independently what is taught and proposed to us. In freediving, as in any other discipline, it often happens that some theories may lead to demonizing some often-harmless practices and/or to exalting other potentially harmful ones. In this article you will find ideas that will make you ask yourself certain questions, and understand how much your knowledge and your practical actions are based on correct concepts.

The search for the best balance between performance and comfort is every freediver’s challenge. Along the way we happen to encounter rules or dogmas that we accept not depending on our personal experience, but by adopting methods that are common in the freediving community.

Enzo Maiorca

The attitude that is sometimes assumed is very simple: "If most of the freedivers accept this theory, it is probably correct. Therefore I adopt it too, without asking too many questions.”

In this article I want to propose four topics, which have not always received the right attention. Specifically, we will talk about these four false myths:

  1. Diaphragm stretching
  2. Hyperventilation
  3. Weighing management at sea
  4. Dynamic apnea no weights

Before delving into the individual themes, click on this link and access the quick survey we have prepared to test your knowledge on the topics listed above. Answer the true or false questions based on your experience, thinking not only about what you know, but especially about what you do.

Moving Limits Survey

Are you ready? Well... Let's start with the questions, and remember that all the answers can be true or false.

For each of the topics we have prepared a study that we will post soon. Each one of us has experienced the beauty of being able to practice freediving in a completely relaxed and safe way, while respecting the functioning of the human body; talking about false myths we do not want to break any rules or theories, but we only want to guide you to thinking critically about the message they offer.

See you soon,


Federico Mana

Fondatore e presidente di Moving Limits. Apneista professionista che vive di mare dal 2003 è detentore di otto record italiani nelle discipline di apnea profonda. Primo italiano ad aver raggiunto la profondità di 100 metri in apnea in asseto costante, rappresenta un punto di riferimento nel mondo apneistico perché considerato trai i massimi esperti di tecniche di compensazione e respirazione.

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